The start of a new era

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The start of a new era.


We design high performance, state of the art wheels that are, at the same time, aesthetically beautiful. The constant research in functional design solutions married with an aesthetic dimension is in our DNA.

The shape of the profile, the finish and the “Direct Inmold Matt Finish” (DIMF) technology all contribute to the general look of a wheel, but they also have a clear technical influence on its performance. The new look of our products give the wheels a modern and clean aesthetic. All the technical specifications are set out with icons and clean, clear and essential lines, which contribute to the overall design of the product.


We are wheel specialists, with over twenty years of experience in research, development and production. We work with the sole aim of producing wheels that provide real performance advantages resulting from the best technologies, in a perfectly balanced mix of function and design.
We design and produce all the components of a wheel, without any standard off the shelf components, because everything must fit together perfectly. We carefully assemble them by hand, in a process that starts with the raw materials and ends with the finished product. Our experience, research and hours of testing in the field and in the laboratory have led us to develop product and process technologies and patents, which allow us to create cutting edge wheels for any discipline.


What we strive for is a feeling of satisfaction and excitement every time we climb on the bike, whatever the discipline. Riding a Fulcrum wheel must guarantee a superior feeling. The result of the perfect balance between form and function, hard to describe and quantify, but clearly perceptible when you try a Fulcrum wheel: a difference that you can feel and appreciate over time.