“Win a pair of Fulcrum Speed 25”


Registered Office: 
Via dell’Economia 103 – 36100 Vicenza (VI) –Fiscal Code/VAT No. 03167450240

Authorised Subject: 
Leevia s.r.l., with registered office in Via Ampere 61/A, 20131 Milano – VAT No. 02339780229

The contest is open to users who are 18 or over on the date the contest starts 

Communication from 15 June 2022. From 24 June 2022 to 20 July 2022 (as per the dates specified below). Report by 31 July 2022.


Starting from 24 June 2022 until 3 July 2022 the Organiser will allow users who are 18 or over on the date of the start of the contest to take part in the contest, as follows.

The contest will consist of a challenge that the users must complete, in terms of performance relative to their physical activity, monitored through a free app. To take part the entrants must firstly complete the reach the objective and then, within 20 July 2022, visit the website and access the area dedicated to this prize contest and fill in all the fields marked as obligatory in the electronic mask used to take part in the contest.

Every participant can enter only once during the whole period of the contest.

Subsequent entries that can be traced back to the same identity may be invalidated, even retrospectively, and if they win, the prize shall be assigned to a reserve, as outlined below.

The personal information of all participants who have filled in the entry form shall be collected by the Organiser in a specific prize draw file.

By 31 July 2022, the aforementioned file will be made available to a notary public or the Consumer Protection and Publicly Certifiable Standards Commissioner of the Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of whom, No. 3 winners (and No. 2 reserves for each winner, for a total of 6 reserves) will be drawn manually and casually, to win the prize of:

– 1st entry drawn: a pair of Speed 25 DB wheels of the value of € 1,799.18 + VAT;

– 2nd and 3rd entries drawn: a pair of wheel bags of the value of € 55.74 + VAT.


Please note that:
all participants can submit only one entry and win only one prize.


The winners shall be notified via email and they shall have to accept the prize within the times and in the ways indicated in the email informing them of the win. If the winners cannot be contacted or the acceptance is not valid (by way of example, the acceptance is not received by the Organisers within the times and ways requested), the prize shall be assigned to a reserve, who shall have to accept the prize in the ways that they shall be indicated to follow.

Please note that:
Exclusion criteria: the following cannot take part in this prize contest:
Employees or collaborators of the Organiser and of all the companies involved in running the contest;

Anyone who, according to the final judgement of the Organiser or third parties appointed by the selfsame, is found to have won the prize with means and instruments deemed suspect, fraudulent or in violation of the normal running of the contest, shall be excluded from the contest and shall not be entitled to the prize won. The Organiser or third parties appointed by the selfsame, reserve the right to limit and block, with the most appropriate terms and in compliance with the applicable laws, any initiative aimed at circumventing the prize contest system.

The Organiser shall not be responsible for any problem with access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty with the technical instruments, computers, telephone lines, transmission and connection or internet connection that could prevent a participant from entering the contest or accepting the win within the times and in the ways indicated.

The winner is solely responsible for managing his or her email address, in particular in reference to:

Reading the email informing them of the win;

Implementing safety measures to prevent others, not authorised by the winner, to access their mailbox.

The Organiser or third parties appointed by the selfsame, shall not be responsible in any way for the prize not being awarded or for delays in awarding the prize, in case of one of the following conditions:

The winner’s mailbox is full;

The email indicated by the participant when submitting his or her entry is non-existent, incorrect or incomplete;

There is no response from the host computer after the email informing them of the win is sent;

The winner’s mailbox is disabled;

The email indicated by the participant when submitting his or her entry is on a blacklist;

Incorrect and/or false personal information.

The Organiser reserves the right to:

publish the winner’s personal information;

request all documents necessary to check that the data entered is correct and that the challenge has been completed from the winners and, eventually, from all the participants; the request shall be performed via email to the address used to enter the contest; if the documentation is not provided or it is provided in part or not within the times indicated in the request, will exclude the participant and, if they win the prize, the win will be invalidated; 

– carry out the necessary checks, eventually cancelling the registrations, participations or wins, based on the final judgement of the Organiser or third parties appointed by the selfsame, that do not comply with  these regulations or with means, methods and/or instruments deemed suspect, fraudulent or in violation of the normal running of the contest and, consequently, exclude any participants who shall not comply with the rules set out in these regulations or have not completed the challenge, eventually cancelling wins already awarded. 

There are no limits to the country of residence of the participants, therefore entries are open to the whole world.

The prizes will be delivered to the winner within 180 days (six months) from the date they are awarded. 

The prizes are not transferable. 

All prizes to be won cannot in any way be converted in gold tokens or cash. The Organiser reserves the right, if the prizes are not available due to reasons independent of the Organiser’s power, to provide a prize of equal or higher value with similar characteristics. 

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time, as well as change these regulations without warning, if required by unforeseeable circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Security deposit: the security deposit equal to 100% of the total value of the prizes to be won, as provided by Article No. 7 of the Presidential Decree 430/2001, has been paid to the Ministry of Economic Development. 


Any prizes not awarded for any reason, unlike prizes rejected, will be donated to the following, NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION, as provided by Article 10 paragraph 5 of the Presidential Decree No. 430, 26

October 2001:

NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION: Fondazione Michele Scarponi ONLUS Via San Marino 15/A, Filottrano – Ancona – Fiscal Code 93154670421 


The personal data of the participants are saved on a server in Italy.

Exclusion criteria:

Employees of the Organiser and employees of the Authorised Subject, Leevia s.r.l., cannot take part in this prize contest. Likewise all third parties and their employees, who have collaborated in any way in organising the contest cannot take part either.


The content of the contest will be advertised with the following means: web campaign. The full regulations shall be available at The Organiser reserves the right, in any case, to use any other means of communication deemed suitable to inform potential participants of the content of this contest for prizes.

The Organiser shall not exercise the right to recover the deduction at source of 25% as provided by Article 30 of Presidential Decree No. 600 of 29/9/73.

FULCRUM WHEELS S.R.L. guarantees that the personal data provided by the participants, who declare that they are 18 or over will be processed, in relation to this contest for prizes, in compliance with the personal data protection  regulations, which can be found at the link in the contest sign-up form.

It being understood that the participants to this contest declare that they are 18 or over.

Rules of this contest with prizes: 

in order to take part in this contest the participants agree to unconditionally and fully accept the rules and clauses set out in these Regulations without any limits.

Milan, 31/5/22

On behalf of
The Authorised Subject

Leevia s.r.l.